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Contact Information

                    Avidar Environmental Consulting & Engineering LLC
                           43 Falcon Street         /    Needham, MA 02492
                    Phone: (781) 726-2518    /

     Your interest and feedback on our services, range of projects, and Avidar’s company vision of services to our clients are valued.

     Avidar’s professional experience in addressing our clients’ environmental challenges, and our range and depth of successful projects, allow us to provide beneficial, balanced solutions.

     Our staff of environmental professionals has continuous opportunity to work with new
technical and regulatory challenges within the environmental industry.

                                            Services and Markets

  •                         Facility Environmental Management (FEM)
    • Commercial/Industrial Facility Wastewater
    • Environmental Oversight for Building Systems
  •                            Environmental Site Compliance (ESC)
    • Site Assessment, Redevelopment and Contaminated Site Remediation
    • Spill Response and Emergency Readiness Preparation
    • Third Party LSP Oversight and Environmental Representation

Clarity and Focus

                        … in understanding our clients’ environmental challenges.

Experience and Insight

                         … in creating balanced solutions to these challenges.